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Agricultural Commodities Export

Damico Agro Commodities aims to create and deliver value across the agricultural exports supply chain. As one of Asia & Africa's leading post - harvest Agri-solution providers we are uniquely positioned to understand the stringent demands of international Agri- buyers and match it with our on-ground understanding for strategic sourcing.

Commodities we deal in include

  • Fresh Vegetables: Tomatoes, Carrot, Ginger, Cucumber, Onion, Potatoes, Garlic, Green & Dry Chilli.

  • Nuts: Cashew, Cocoa, Ground Nut, Palm Nut & Dates. 

  • Oil & Cosmetic Ingredients: Soya Bean, Olive, Argan, Vanilla, Cloves, Sesame, Mustard and more.

  • Fertilizer: Damico is having it's own production and distribution ability for organic fertilizers in Ghana, Germany, Morocco, UAE, Srilanka and India

What We Do

Damico plays a strategic role of international commodities Trader in the raw and processed Agro commodities from Origination, Procurement, Processing, Storage, Branding, Merchandising and Distribution as well Synergizing operational strategy and cost efficiencies assures in transferring the actual benefit to the end consumer. We source high-quality Agro- commodities from an extensive network of producers / suppliers and seamlessly deliver them to clients worldwide.

Quality Assurance

We ensure high quality standards during the manufacturing of our products, procurements of produce and packaging of the same. We have an arrangement to make direct procurement of raw materials from the farms and Cooperatives and are able to offer both processed and unprocessed food products that are Commensurate with international standards.

Timely Delivery

We have adapted innovative methods and procedure to ensure delivery of the order within a stipulated time frame

Client Satisfaction

We understand the needs and demands of our clients and offer viable solution for the same.

Agro Products

Products Portfolio

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