Petroleum Derivatives Export

Light & Heavy Crude Oil, Natural Gas Condensate, Fuel & Gas Oil, Polymer & Derivatives, Lubricants & Wax, Bitumen, Sulfur Powder.


Damico General Trading LLC (UAE)

Damico - A Global Leader in agricultural, forestry, energy and industrial sector trading.

Damico is a group of companies that focuses on international trading, procurement and supply with world- class credit and financial capabilities. We trade a broad spectrum of commodities across agricultural, forestry, energy and industrial sectors. We have an arrangement to make direct procurement of raw materials specially timber and soybean from the farms and Cooperatives. Our team of experienced professionals tailor solutions to assist global clients with their specific requirements considering the terms that best match their business cycles.

Damico Energy LLP (India)

Damico Energy is an Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) company which involves major projects with focus on petroleum production. Our organization remained resilient across core markets, benefiting from a diversified business model, long-term client relationships and strong public sector affiliation. The combination of our experience and expertise makes us the preferred partner for most energy companies operating in Middle East and the India. At Damico Energy, it is clear that our clients come first. We seek to partner them in their success, and this comes through in the unique way that we work.


International Commodity Trading

Trading of Petroleum Derivatives, Agro Commodities & Forestry Resources. 

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Petroleum Derivatives

Expert In Petroleum Derivatives Export Across The Globe.


Agro Commodities

Global Trading Of Raw & Processed Agricultural Products.


Forestry Resources

Bringing West African Timber Resources To The Global Market.

Quality Assurance

We ensure high quality standards during the manufacturing of our products, procurement of produce and packaging of the same.

Timely Delivery

We are in partners with the leading logistic companies to ensure delivery of the order within a stipulated time frame.

Client Satisfaction

We understand the needs and demands of our clients and offer viable solution for the same.


About Us

Company Overview

  • Damico was established with the intention to produce a complete package for EPC job in the field of Oil & Gas sector.

  • Having a well established Design & Development team from India, Damico can address client requirements in all the manners.

  • With Hubdel™ as its International procurement and fabrication partner, Damico will have added benefit of making the bids and proposals according to the local quality and quantity requirement. Which is resulting with the competitive proposal for the benefit of the clients.

  • Vast business expertise in the field of mid stream, Damico is capable of doing the process arrangements for the transport and storage of fluid and gases.

  • Damico with its recent establishment of its base in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), helps in making it stand on to the down stream industry for the international sales of petroleum products and its derivatives.

  • With it's overseas business network and vast client base, Damico with estimated foreseen of making export of 2 M Barrel equivalent of Crude Oil and derivatives each year.

  • Chemical components like HDPE, PP, Urea, Sulfur, bitumen, Recycle Oil, Caustic Soda are additional field of export categories from Middle East to the World market.

Our Mission

Mission of our company is to be the most recognised entity in hte Middle East in the field of Petrochemical Projects and Fuel Exports to various parts of the world. With its vast and close customer relationship, Damico is intended to achieve greater height in the near future.

Our Vision

Damico's vision is to  develop a healthy multi cultural environment for the pillars of our organization. We strongly believe that a strong follower can protect a good leardership. So we oath to take care of our employees with utmost care.

Chairman's Message

"Our journey started more than 15 years ago in India and Middle East. Hand work , determination and proper collaboration between team members has lead us into  developing a strong, integrated network of relations in the field of trading, real estate development, and manufacturing.The ultimate goal of our brand is to reach customer satisfaction via achieving excellence in our service and timely delivery."

- Thameem Ahamed Siddique

The Timeline

Our Road To Market Leadership


Damico's parent company AASHA Group was found in India


First Branch office was established in United Arab Emirates


Own engineering team was formed with the capability to make and run the tasks in-house.


Partnership with Inland fabricators for the process engineering equipments


Made procurement & shipping contract with Hubdel Groups - India


Damico & it's parent Organisation has got into Agro  Market as a prime producer & Exporter 


Mainland facility for Automotive service & Spares export was initiated


MoU was setup with the Major oil trader in UAE for the sale and financing refinery projects through Oil sales

Global Reach

Our Expertise For Every Market

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